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Practising what we preach

We recently shared our new offerings ‘Mini projects & workshops’ with the good people in our network. A series of projects and workshops small enough to make getting started with service design easy, but focused enough to have a significant impact within organisations. There has been much curiosity as to how we arrived at our new services… We simply practiced what we preach.

Service design is about making your service more useful, usable, desirable, and efficient. It will help you find your point of difference and create better customer experiences.

Service design starts with ethnographic research. Ethnographers observe and interview people in their natural environment. This type of experience research reveals deep insights about what makes customers tick (and tock). Better understanding customer needs helps us to shape new value propositions.

We talked to countless people from not-for-profit, corporate, and government organisations. We asked: How might we inspire creative thinking, create a culture of innovation, and re-engage people with customer needs?  We wanted to understand the barriers facing organisations looking to unlock their creative intelligence. As it turns out, there were many:

We spent many hours combing through our notebooks. Searching for the actual problems underpinning the challenges people had reported. We used affinity mapping to connect the dots. This was the ‘sense making’ part of our journey. Our insights informed the design of our new services ‘Mini projects & workshops’.

‘We’ are all about collaboration. So we didn’t design our new services alone. They were co-created and prototyped with prospective clients. We gathered feedback from the people in our network on our early prototypes. Many changes were made in response to this feedback. We’re agile – so refinements are ongoing. Service design is fundamentally an iterative process. So we have no doubt our services will continue to grow and evolve as our customer’s needs continue to change.

These offerings are collaborative in nature. We have learned that collaborative design projects have the capacity to transform the way people think and work within organisations. This is why we work with – not for – organisations and customers to co-design better products and services. This process also develops capability within organisations. When our time is up, the lessons learned in these workshops keep driving innovation long after we’ve gone.

There have been a few gasps because we’ve included our prices (have a look – the actual price is right there in blue and white). But we’re here to offer something new, a point of difference. The boat has officially been rocked.

If you would like a copy of ‘Mini projects & workshops’ – say

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Julie is our resident Canadian who simply gets ‘it’ done. She has organisational super powers that keep projects and people on track. Julie brings vibrancy and energy to our projects, and develops meaningful relationships with our clients. Julie has a passion for people and their stories. She helps bring the voice of the customer to the forefront in organisations. Julie goes beyond presentations and traditional reports. She will help you communicate through social media, video stories, personas and storyboards. In the past, Julie has worked alongside small business owners, large not-for-profit event promoters, film and music festival organisers, tech startups, and CEOs. In fact, Julie works well with just about anyone. She strives to keep internal communications open and engaging and applies a positive attitude to any challenge. Julie is good at communications,storytelling, relationship and project management, being super organised, and relentlessly positive.

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